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Our Vision


As Human beings we are all drawn to water, the thought of a home by the ocean, a lake, a river, or even a pond is very appealing. Water is not only essential for our survival, but it relaxes us, calms us, centers us, brings us back to nature, and rescues us from the stress of modern day living.

Here at Artisan Water Gardens we understand the vital role that water plays in our overall quality of life, and we realize not everyone is fortunate enough to live by a beautiful body of water. That's why we bring water to you!  We can create everything from the smallest patio water garden to large recreational ponds! There is a water feature design for every size space and budget


The Ecosystem Approach

At Artisan Water Gardens we realize you can't fight Mother Nature, that's why we build all our water features with a balanced ecosystem in mind. Working in harmony with nature is the key to a clean, healthy water feature design that will require minimal maintenance and be a joy to own. 

All the components of our water features work together, just as they do in nature. The rocks and gravel provide homes for all the beneficial bacteria that break down the organic compounds to nutrients that the plants can easily absorb. The skimmer, and biofalls provide mechanical, and additional biological filtration, as well as creating circulation, and oxygenating the water. A waterfall isn't just aesthetics, it's vital to the overall health of the pond. Moving water is always cleaner, and provides a better habitat for everything that lives in it. 

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