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Jay Cee / Jennifer T.       

St. Augustine, FL

"Quick, efficient, and explained very step of the project. FINISHED IN A DAY!!!!" 10/7/20

Timothy M.                      

Jacksonville, FL

"Very easy to understand project. Best pond guy in Jacksonville!" 8/24/20

Aladdin K.                         

Jacksonville, FL

"David was amazing. He helped me in design, creation,, planning, and following up, a check in after. He created an Oasis in our backyard, a 6 foot waterfall, and a Koi pond including a floor for a sitting area. It is transformed, and he did everything at a much better price than the other companies I priced. I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and fair. He is very handy in all kinds of things."  8/6/20

Mark M.                         

Fort Myers, FL

"I miss having him around. He is a good guy and does what he says."  6/25/20

Arthur B. 

Fernandina Beach, FL

"Dave looked at an above ground pond built by someone else  and figured out solutions to issues that others could not. He found equipment that others could not and adapted it to existing structures to solve the issues. Great service as he had to come from Jacksonville  to Amelia Island to do the work."


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